Stainless Steel Blades (Pack of 5)

Stainless Steel Blades (Pack of 5)

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Sharp, smooth and reliable for that perfect cut. Every time!

Made from high grade stainless steel - razor blades are engineered to fit well in the blade head and give a close shave.

1. Long lasting blades that leave no bruises when shaved well.
2. Anti-rust property.

Material: High grade Stainless Steel

Directions to use

1. Place the blade in between the 2 top holding plates and then screw the handle in. You can see this demonstrated on the video
2. Wet your skin and lather with soap.
3. Wet your razor.
4. Sanitise your razor and blade with an antiseptic liquid.
5. Lightly drag your Razor over your skin; rinse after 1-3 strokes.
6. Add more soap or water to your skin as needed.
7. Rinse your skin with water so no hair or soap is left.
8. Pat try your skin with a towel.
9. Place your Razor into the Razor stand and store out of the shower.
10. High-five yourself on a plastic free shave!

Directions to care

1. Sanitise blades before and after use.
2. Limit to single use per blade for best results and hygiene reasons.
3. Make sure the blades are kept in a clean place to avoid them from getting contaminated.


1. Glide the razor lightly over your skin and let the weight of the razor do the work for you. DO NOT PRESS. A safety razor is designed differently to a plastic disposable razor - it does the hard work for you!
2. Bikini areas and underarms are fine to use with these razors, make sure you are gentle and light while keeping skin taut. If you are new to Safety Razors we recommend trying an easier area such as your legs first.
3. Keep the razor on a flat angle to your skin for safety
When travelling, grab yourself a Safety Razor Travel Bag or wrap a sock around the head of your shaver. This will save your hands when rummaging and protects the other things that are in your bag. A bag is included in the Low Waste Shave Kit
Store in a dry place for longevity. Do not keep in the shower between Shaves. Don't drop your Razor!
4. Your razor will not rust, but after being wet for some time, the Refill Blades might if you don't dry the blade after use. Simply give your blade a generous rub with a towel or emery cloth to remove the rust. We recommend drying between each shave.
5. When your blade is blunt, simply unscrew the head of the razor from the handle, place the new blade between the two top plates (holding by the blunt edges) and screw the handle back on. Refer to the Safety Razor product video to see how this works in more detail.

Please refer to our erdaPACKAGING to understand how we secure your favorite marvels, conserving the environment and ensuring waste minimization.

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