Our Team

Rashida Munshi
Solutions Architect
    Data is her baby! Fun, wonderful, innovative and strong IT acumen is her language. With a strong understanding of Information Management, Rashida manages IT infrastructure for erda.co.nz. She envisages creating an eco-store that will cater to a healthy supplies of everyday products in a wide range, for New Zealanders.
    Abbas Munshi
    Founder & Communications Manager
      Deeper in the soil! Abbas has gained a deepened understanding of sustainability - an advocate of green consumerism! He comes with a strong business acumen and a robust technological intellect - creative, innovative and a passionate environmentalist, Abbas holds flagship of erda.co.nz.
      Dr Amita Fotedar
      Research Consultant
        Thirsty for knowledge! Dr Amita holds a PhD in environmental sciences and has worked with renowned research institutes globally. She spends considerable time in research and development of niche environmentally friendly products for New Zealanders. Holding a technical IP erda.co.nz, she's hell bent to create a sustainable habitat for New Zealanders.
        Graeme Athol Robertson
          Coming from a diverse expertise of complex business management in private and public sector, Graeme provides excellence in advisory to deliver complex ethical services to meet our social responsibilities.
          Bishan Bhandari
          Digital Marketing Specialist
            Our digital champion! Pivotal to marketing and management of SEO, Bishan is highly experienced in managing media strategies, planning and execution for erda.co.nz. Skilled in GIS Application and Google Analytics, Bishan creates innovative marketing techniques and methodologies in accordance with our business destinations.
              Ali Munshi
              Young Entrepreneur