Aftershave Alum Bar (Combo of 2 and 4 bars)


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Aftershave Alum Bar


  • Aftershave Alum bar from erda
  • Coagulant and astringent
  • Therapeutic for freshly shaved skin
  • Packed in special aluminum containers

You have just had a close shave with a rich lather and a fine stainless steel blade - bruises and cuts after shaving, often end up in rough, scratchy and infectious skin. There's no clean shave ever and we all know that.

Pack your worries aside as erda aftershave alum bar is by your side!

Aka - Hydrated Potassium Aluminum Sulfate, erda Alum Bars act as an astringent and blood coagulators. After the shave, hydrate the alum bar (preferably with an antiseptic) and rub it over the shaved surface. You will initially feel prickles, immediately followed by a soothing effect over your face - a pleasant feeling of nirvana. Wipe your face with a semi-dry cloth and give your face a good hot water wash.

Experts suggest sanitising the Alum bar, before and after use. Another good idea would be to cold freeze them before use for a more refreshing feel on your face.

Size: 80 grams (when packed)

Disclaimer: Although Alum bars are absolutely safe, it would be a good idea to check dermatologist for those with allergies or special skin types.

Please refer to our erdaPACKAGING to understand how we secure your favorite marvels, conserving the environment and ensuring waste minimization.

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