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Facial Brush



Pamper your face with the face brush made with white boar bristles and a natural bamboo handle (Phyllostachys pubescents).


BAMBOO HANDLE (Phyllostachys pubescents) - This kind of bamboo is mould resistant, hard, tough and free from any moisture.

WHITE BOAR BRISTLES - these bristles are very soft and will not make your face hurt. White boar bristles are good for a healthy massage on the skin as these can promote blood circulation

SPA QUALITY DESIGN - Premium natural bristles are strong, yet flexible enough to avoid irritation. The ergonomic wood handle is easy to hold

METHODS - dry brushing/wet brushing - meant for both occasions


1. Soften and disinfect the bristles in hot water for a few minutes before use, apply a facial cleanser, and gently massage the surface area of the face with the brush

2. GET A DEEPER CLEANSE - Natural bristles deep cleanse and remove dirt, dust, makeup, oil and impurities gently and effectively from the face in comparison to your hands or a washcloth, allowing you to get more out of your facial cleanser

3. BRIGHTEN YOUR COMPLEXION - Facial brush gently removes dead skin and minimizes imperfections like fine lines and age spots. Great for dry skin brushing!

4. All-natural bristles are great for exfoliating your face, and preparing the skin for shaving - open hair follicles, raise stubble and help to combat ingrown hair

5. Face brushing should be done daily for best results, twice a day is better

Size - 14.5*3.8cm, thickness - 2.8cm.

Weight - 31gms

We also recommend cleaning your brush with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide every few weeks to prevent bacteria growth and keep your brush - and your skin - in great condition.

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