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Sanitary Napkins


About The Product
The compostable Erda Sanitary pads – can be easily mixed with other decaying material such as leaves and food waste – take about 90-180 days to fully disintegrate depending on varying environmental factors, ensuring that no toxicity is left in the soil. Such environment-friendly sanitary pads could encourage communities to embrace practices to ensure environmental sustainability.
The materials used to make the pads are all-natural: jute, bagasse, banana fibre, water hyacinth and the like. In other words, the pad is made of local resources, including agri-plant waste materials, to produce the sanitary pads, helping to reduce cost.
The use of sterilized, disposable sanitary napkins, prevents infections, illnesses, the spread of diseases such as cervical cancer, and labour complications, all of which claim thousands of lives each year.

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