Natural versus Synthetic Bath Soaps

Natural versus Synthetic Bath Soaps

natural versus synthetic

Cosmetics and other personal care products are an alarming example of government and industry failures to protect public health. Everything you find in the market available as a ‘Bath Soap’ is mostly synthetic detergents or “Syndets”. Synthetic soaps contain ingredients linked to neurotoxicity, allergies/immunotoxicity, and other health concerns.

 In order to avoid harmful chemicals, you need to read the bath soap label before you buy. Avoid soaps that have toxic chemicals (Triclosan, Triethanolamine, Phthalates) including "paraben" that act as a harmful carcinogen that readily penetrates your skin. Ingredients that are considered to be natural in a bath soap include Organic oils (such as olive oil), essential oils, aloe vera and plant extracts.

Often lasting about twice as long as conventional bars, natural soaps are extremely moisturizing and soothing. Your skin will drink in the conditioning, moisturizing goodness of organic ingredients.

Anyone with sensitive or hypoallergenic needs can really benefit and find immediate relief using natural soaps. They are a healthy, simple indulgence to help calm, relax and pamper yourself and your family.

Some luxurious natural soaps available in New Zealand include;

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