Eco-Friendly Home Decoration Ideas

Eco-Friendly Home Decoration Ideas

Eco-Friendly Home Decoration Ideas


Going green is no more just a Fad, it is the need of the hour. it's just a matter of making choices. Choose to decorate with real sustainability in mind — using less energy, less water and less non-renewable resources while still beautifying your home. Here's why green design is affordable, beautiful and here to stay.

Idea number 1 - Create a water wall with colourful Mason jars on a window that gets a lot of sunlight (preferably west-facing). The water absorbs the heat during the day, keeping the house cooler, and releases it at night. Clear glass jars filled with food-colouring dyed water is another way to make the water wall playfully decorative.

Idea number 2 - An old wooden rocker can be painted bright yellow to add life and colour to your dull porch. An old sofa that you were thinking of replacing can be given a new lease of life through recycled slipcovers or upholstery made of recycled wool.

Idea number 3 - Choose sustainable materials such as bamboo, cork or linoleum when it comes to flooring. Furniture made of rattan, bamboo or sustainable wood makes for great choices. You can also opt for sheets made of hemp, dinnerware made of recycled glass, olive wood tableware, recycled polyester curtains or organic cotton bedding. Natural materials such as seashells or unusually shaped rocks make excellent decorating pieces and lend an earthy touch to any room.

Idea number 4 - First things first, plants will never disappoint you as they bring life to your dull spaces. Apart from that, they bring freshness to the surroundings and purify the air too. Plants and trees help to balance the humidity level in the house thus reducing your chances of falling sick. Growing plants even have proven benefits on a person’s mental well-being also. You can choose air-purifying plants such as ZZ plant, Snake plant, Palm, Peace Lilly, Spider plant, etc to decorate the indoors.

Idea number 5 - Buying second-hand goods may seem a little weird especially if you are not used to it. However, it’s not as bad as you think it is. People have started realizing that they are wasting a lot of money on buying expensive furniture and accessories. So now it’s your turn to explore gently used items such as furniture, apparel, appliances, etc. If you are keen on saving some money while doing your part to save the environment, buying gently used stuff is the right thing for you.

Idea number 6 - Home fragrances are an essential part of our homes as they fill the air with a pleasant smell. Walking into a home with a fresh and soothing fragrance gives a relaxing feeling. Chemical room fresheners may have a strong smell but they can cause many health problems like wheezing and allergy in the long run. Replace the chemical room fresheners with natural air fresheners made of dried spices or flowers. You can also use nature-friendly scented candles made of soy wax or beeswax. These candles fill your room with a soothing aroma and also enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home. 

Bottom Line - These easy and affordable eco-friendly home decorating ideas will help you add more charm to your home, while you can be proud that you are doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint. Every small decision you take may have a significant impact on the earth. So think twice before you make a purchase or discard old stuff from your home. Dress up your home the way you love it by reusing, recycling and reducing. 


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