All you need to know about Shampoo Bars

All you need to know about Shampoo Bars

All you need to know about Shampoo Bars

We all hate what plastic bottles, and every other form of plastic, are doing to the environment. Therefore, we see the need to come up with an alternative that is beneficial for us as well as for our beautiful planet. Ever heard of sulphates? These strong chemical detergents are found in the bottled shampoos! They might give your favourite shampoo a foaming quality that creates a good lather but trust us, these sulphates that are found in most store-bought shampoos cause scalp redness and irritation if used on a regular basis.

Organic shampoo bars are gaining a lot of attention in the present times.

They are the perfect option for anyone who wants to get rid of toxic chemicals available in conventional plastic bottles. Shampoo bars made of natural ingredients not only improve the quality of hair in a natural manner but also eliminates the harsh side effects of chemical concoctions. Not only is making the switch to shampoo bars beneficial for your hair health, it is also the more sustainable option for our planet.

The shampoo bar, like its liquid equivalent, aims to clean the hair and the scalp. With the difference that it does not appear in a bottle but rather looks like a bar of soap. Another difference with liquid shampoo: the composition is much healthier. Because the recipe for making a shampoo bar is very simple: a surfactant to clean the hair, solidify the shampoo and make it foam; a mineral or vegetable powder (such as clay), a vegetable oil or a vegetable butter and essential oils for their benefits. No endocrine disruptors, no questionable preservatives.

What’s more!

It's Less Expensive. A shampoo bar is cheaper than its liquid equivalent and it lasts longer. Check out our RIMU RIMU Shampoo Bars available online for the New Zealand audience.

The bar is more environmentally friendly than the liquid equivalent. Mostly composed of natural ingredients and packed in recyclable or compostable materials, our shampoo bars do not pollute. You limit the transport and thus the carbon impact.

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