Natural Loofah Sponge Slices - (Pack of 5)


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Product Description

The biodegradable organic loofah sponge slices are a natural product made by removing the outer skin of the loofah fruit after it has matured and washing and drying it. Therefore, they are all-natural and eco-friendly, with non-toxic, unbleached and non-chemical additives.

Product Specifications

Size: 0.85-1.2" (L) * 2.4-3" (D)

Material: 100% Natural Organic Loofah

Colour: White

Product Care

Directions to care

Before using: Soak in warm water for a few minutes to soften and restore loofahs’ original shape.

After using: Shake off the water, hang and dry it to ensure natural loofah long-time use. Please hang it in a place with enough airflow.

Since loofahs are naturally grown and influenced by light, ripeness and other aspects, the colour and size of each loofah slice may vary. Please allow for minor errors.

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