Customer – Ways to redeem



Learn about the available types of redemption (spending) rules


Customers can use multiple reward options to redeem their hard-earned erdaBOUNTIES using different options. 

Video tutorial

Watch this quick, 1-minute video to understand how your customers will go about redeeming their points for rewards.


How to redeem points


  1. To turn points into a reward, customers will need to log into the rewards panel on their site (either by logging into their customer account, or through Passwordless Login FAQ). Once they're logged in, they'll need to open the rewards panel.
  2. Next, click on Ways to redeem.


way to redeem cluberda


   3. If they do have enough points for one of the Fixed amount rewards, there will be a Redeem button:


Fixed amount rewards


  4. To redeem points on Incremental rewards, customer’s will need to use the points slider to select the amount of point they would like to spend, then click Redeem:


Incremental rewards

  5. Upon clicking redeem, customer’s will be taken to a page that shows the coupon code with a button to Apply code which will automatically apply that coupon code to the checkout.


Apply code


 6. Based on the settings in Notifications, customers may also get an email with the coupon code for their records. The code will also be stored in their rewards panel under the Your Rewards section at the bottom.


📋 Note: Once a customer has redeemed their points for a reward, the reward will remain in their account until they decide to use it on a purchase, or until the reward expires. Points are not automatically returned to a customer's account if a reward is redeemed and not used.

Passwordless Login FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions pertinent to Passwordless Login 

How do customers log in?

Customers can log in by typing their email address into the CLUBerda panel and clicking the Sign In button. Then they will receive an email in their inbox with a link back to the CLUBerda store. Once they are directed back to the store, they will be logged into the CLUBerda panel.


How long do customers remain logged in?

  • The magic link that the customers receive in their email will only work for one hour after it's generated. 
  • The magic link will only work once (i.e., if a customer clicks on the link from the email, then comes back to the same email to click on the link again, even if it's within the same hour - the link will not work).
  • Once the customer clicks on the link, they'll remain logged into the same browser for 3 hours (from the time they click the link).

Can they redeem rewards?

Yes! They can complete all of the regular actions inside of the CLUBerda panel. This includes social media earning actions, redeeming rewards, and referring friends. 

Can new customers log in?

The customer's email needs to already be in database. This means new customers cannot sign into the CLUBerda panel without sign-up through the account creation page on first.


Do they need to log in before checkout?

Yes, customers will need to access the CLUBerda panel to log in. They can do so on any page up to the cart page. But once they reach checkout, the login panel is not accessible. 

Will this log customers into the store?

No, if customers want to access their store account information, they will need to log in to the regular account creation (registration) page. The panel only logs customers in the CLUBerda login. 

Will customers who log in to store still need to do this?

If a customer logs into the store account, it will automatically log them into the CLUBerda panel. 

Can guests redeem their points through purchase?

Currently the passwordless login/program participation feature is built specifically for the subscribers of

Fixed and incremental rewards explained

How to set up fixed and variable reward options


Within the CLUBerda program, you have the option of setting discounts with either a Fixed amount of points or with Increments of points. This section outlines the difference between fixed and incremental rewards.

Fixed amount of points

Fixed rewards are any discounts with a predetermined amount. For example, customers with the option to redeem their points for a $5 off discount would be a fixed reward.

Increments of Points

Unlike fixed rewards, variable rewards do not have a predetermined amount. Instead, they're based around a sliding points redemption scale that is set in the reward's spending rules.

Variable rewards are rounded to the nearest 100 points at time of redemption.

For example, you could set a variable reward that rewards customers with $1 off for every 100 points spent. In this case, a customer with 512 points could redeem 500 of their points for a $5.00 reward.